Essential SublimeText Packages

SublimeText is an excellent text editor. It’s quick, light, extendable and does just enough to make you super productive then gets out of your way.

Using Package Manager, it’s very easy to add extensions to the base SublimeText install.

For a great guide to getting SublimeText set up fully, check out Alex Maccaw’s blog post on the subject. I’ll deal with packages only.

Without further ado, here is my list:

  1. All Autocomplete Sublime’s autocomplete is wonderfully simple – by default it prompts you with any words in the current file. This package extends the default autocomplete to find matches in all open files.

  2. Git You can push, pull, diff and much more as you might expect. I have to admit, though, I only really use this package to Git Blame a file (or a highlighted section of a file) when I need to check out who authored a certain block of code and when. Event for that narrow use-case I’d recommend it.

  3. Modific Highlights lines changed since the last commit. Currently-supported are: Git, SVN, Bazaar and Mercurial. Very cool to be able to see where you’ve deleted lines, added lines or modified existing ones with some simple iconography.

  4. PrettyJSON Simple, really: you select some JSON, hit cmd + shift + p (to bring up the God menu) and start typing ‘pretty’ until you can select ‘PrettyJSON’. That’ll format the JSON for you.

  5. RubyTest Like Git, I only really use one feature of this package. But it’s a cracker. Assuming your spec and implementation files are organised in a predictable way, this give you a cmd + . shortcut that will jump you from the spec to the implementation and back again. If you’re like me and like to TDD in two vertical columns, this is perfect.

  6. SideBarEnhancements Gives you enhanced file and folder options. Good for moving things around rapidly.

  7. Ruby 1.9 Hash Converter This is is pretty controversial, but I thought I’d add it in as it’s a great trolling tool. Gives you a shortcut cmd + option + h to convert all Ruby hashes in the current file to the new 1.9 syntax.

Please get in touch if you know any hidden gems that I’m missing!

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